Ali M. Demirel

selected works

DISCONNECT // video / 2003

music video for the Plastikman track "Disconnect"
comissioned and released by Mute Records

“The ghostly revelations of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan presents the contents of the human skull as abstract images with more than a passing similarity to Rorschach test. The video concept for “Disconnect” sprang from an MRI scan of identical twins. One twin is schizophrenic and the enlarged brain ventricles visible in the scan are more pronounced that those of the unafflicted sibling. Director Ali M. Demirel obtained further MRI images of a schizophrenic mind, with manipulations of the abnormally enlarged ventricles pulsing along the track. The coldly brain scans of this irregular mind’s interior form mirror Plastikman’s sparse and cerebral textures in a unique way of using scientific imagery for artistic purposes.”
- Sandy Hunter, RES magazine

screened at :
ACAW, Max Protetch Gallery, New York, USA, 2006
Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2005
Elektra Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2005
Jigsaw Circus International Music Video Festival, Brussels/Ghent/Antwerp, Belgium, 2005
IF Istanbul International Independent Film Festival, Turkey, 2004
Resfest Digital Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2004